The services that the Notary María Antonia Dominguez Santiago provides, as in any other Notary in Spain, are the services regulated by the Arancel Notarial; reminding you that you are able to freely elect any Notary you may choose.

We are specialized in International Inheritance Laws, due to the number of expats in the area.

We also provide management for the deeds, not just by preparing them, but we also look after the taxes regarding the granting of a deed and the inscription in the Land Registry, Company Registry or Civil Registry, should this be necesary.

Please do not hesitate to ask for an appointment, at no cost, to ask any questions. Our professional team will inform you clearly and as simply as possible of the steps that are needed to be carried out in order to solve any legal problems you may have.

Usually these are the proyects that you may be enquiring about:

1.- Sales and purchases:

  • Purchase of a property (house, garage, office space, rustic land…)
  • Purchase of company shares.

Relating to purchases: exchange of property, disolving co ownership, adjudication of payment in debt.

2.- Loans.

In case of undertaking a debt by a personal loan or mortgage, we will make sure that all of the documents provided by the bank comply with the current laws and that they contain no abusive clauses.

You may ask all the questions that you may have, at no extra cost, we will inform you of the contents of your contract in order to avoid last minute surprises.

3.- Inheritance.

  • We will help you in drafting your Will, so that it is according to your last will and testament, in order for everything to be as tied up as possible for your family members for the future.
  • We will help you with all the documents that you may need in order to accept any inheritance, so that all of the Estate of the deceased is in order, we will also provide advice regarding taxation and any proceedings that are needed for the correct finalization.
  • In case of intestate inheritances, and should we be able to carry out proceedings due to territorial laws, we can prepare the documents to name any legal heirs, should the deceased not have granted a Will.
  • Naming executors in Wills, according to the New Ley de Jurisdicción Voluntaria.


4.- Companies.

 We advise that any decision regarding the incorporation of a company, increase in shares, or any other changes, is taken with the necesary advice by specialists in tax and mercantile law.

They will advise on what type of company is more suitable for your needs.

The usual deeds that we prepare within company law at the Notary are:

  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Naming administrators
  • Change in company address or activities taken up by the company.
  • Increasing or reducing the Company’s capital
  • Company transformation, fusion and split
  • Disolving and liquidating companies.

5.- Marriage.

At present, Notary’s are able to marry people. Once you have decided everything, please get an appointment with us and we will inform you of any documents you need for such a special day.

Should things not work out, Notary’s are also able to divorce, should it be by mutual agreement of both parties and when there are no children involved and who are minors or have been incapacitated. In this case, you will first need to visit a Laywer for them to prepare a divorce settlement agreement, and then at the Notary we will formalize the deed for the divorce, please take note that Notary’s are very speedy in drafting documents.

Should you not be clear about getting married and in the meantime would like to become civil partners, we can also provide solutions for that at the Notary.

6.- Town Planning.

Given the complexity and suden changes in the laws within Town Planning, we work with the Town Hall’s Team in order to provide the best advice for New Builds, Separation of Land, Joining of Land and Horizontal Division of properies.

7.- Voluntary jurisdiction.

Law 15/2015 of 5 July, allows Notaries to carry out more duties within Voluntary Jurisdiction.

Do you know all the steps you can take before the Noray in order to speed up any  non litigious judicial files?

  • You can marry before any Notary that you may choose.
  • Granting of marital regime to rule your marriage, when it is not inscribed in the Civil Registry.
  • Deed of separation and or divorce, when it is by mutual agreement and there are no minor or incapacitated children involved. You do need the assistance of a Lawyer.
  • Intestate inheritance, preparing documents to include heirs in the case of there not being a Will for the deceased.
  • Opening closed Wills.
  • Naming executors for Wills.
  • Auctions held by the Notary.

 Most of these proceedings were very lengthy in time, as Courts have a big work load.

8.- Notary Documents.

You may contact us in order to draft documents where the Notary is present in any location and gives faith of any circumstance in that place, you may require us to notify any document to a third party, we can include any documents you may wish into a deed, text messages, etc.

This allows you to provide such documents into any Court proceedings should you wish you make any legal claims.

9.- Powers of Attorney.

This is usually a very frequent document, they can contain any faculties relating to Courts or any specific faculty that you may wish, also they can be granted taking into account a future incapacitation of the person granting the Power of Attorney.

Please take advice form your Lawyer, regarding the possibility of granting any of these documents before a Notary, we will take on such matters being totally impartial and will resolve them efficiently and quickly as is usual with Notary’s.

At the Notary of María Antonia Domínguez we would like to collaborate with you.

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